Leave the camera, take the cannoli

Welcome to Backdrop, a podcast that pulls back the curtain on what it’s like to be a working professional and explore the roles and realities of motion and still photography. In each episode we’ll interview someone about the many aspects of photography, from analog musings to digital wizardry. We’ll discuss the backstories of why we take pictures in the first place and the unique perspective of seeing the world through each others lenses. We’ll explore how it’s really done, whether it be bringing a concept to reality or documenting the world we live in.  

And while most photography podcasts do a great job reviewing the latest gear, software and industry trends, we’ll instead invite our guests to share first person stories of the challenges they’ve faced on set and in the field. But most importantly, we’ll discuss the knowledge they’ve gained because of these challenges.

You’ll hear about everything from tough assignments to dream jobs. Times when everything went wrong, and the joys and satisfaction when everything went right. This, is Backdrop.

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