Leave the camera, take the cannoli


The Backdrop podcast is going on hiatus. For how long? I am not sure.

When I started this whole thing a year ago, I knew nothing about producing a podcast. But with the help of friends, who also happen to be talented colleagues, I jumped in with both feet. I am proud to say that with only moderate growing pains, it got up to speed rather quickly and the response was good. Now, 26 episodes later, engagement has stalled and growth hasn’t come at the rate I’d hoped for. But more importantly, all my efforts at gaining sponsorship fell short. And as a freelancer, revenue is not an option, but a mandate. I humored the idea of crowdsourcing like Patreon or GoFundMe, but honestly, that would in effect, make the podcast my full time job and I’ve already got several irons in the fire. The podcast was always meant to be supplemental unless it could realistically grow into part of my business model.

Know this though, I am not killing the podcast, just suspending production. The domain and hosting of my web site has been renewed for another year, so all the previous episodes are archived there for anyone to listen to. I am still open to sponsorship and reviving the podcast, but for now, I have to attend to other, more pressing responsibilities.

If you or someone you know would like to become a sponsor of Backdrop, please e-mail us here, we’d love to hear from you!

Lastly, huge thanks to all my previous guests, loyal listeners and friends who have supported me thus far.

Thank you.



Welcome to Backdrop, a podcast that pulls back the curtain on what it’s like to be a working professional and explore the roles and realities of motion and still photography. In each episode we’ll interview someone about the many aspects of photography, from analog musings to digital wizardry. We’ll discuss the backstories of why we take pictures in the first place and the unique perspective of seeing the world through each others lenses. We’ll explore how it’s really done, whether it be bringing a concept to reality or documenting the world we live in.  

And while most photography podcasts do a great job reviewing the latest gear, software and industry trends, we’ll instead invite our guests to share first person stories of the challenges they’ve faced on set and in the field. But most importantly, we’ll discuss the knowledge they’ve gained because of these challenges.

You’ll hear about everything from tough assignments to dream jobs. Times when everything went wrong, and the joys and satisfaction when everything went right. This, is Backdrop.

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