Episode 11: Corey Arnold: Photographer/Commercial Fisherman, PT. 2


Corey Arnold is a photographer and commercial fisherman. These two alternating and overlapping careers give him a unique perspective and point-of-view of both. The son of a Southern California avocado grower, Corey spent is youth off the California coast with rod and reel in hand with his father teaching him not just to feed himself for a day, but to feed his soul for a lifetime.

Years later Corey discovered crab fishing on the Bering Sea, where he ended up on Season 2 of The Discovery Channel’s successful series, Deadliest Catch. He retells stories from his time at sea and the work ethic he learned on deck and how it has given him an advantage in a field almost as unforgiving—photography.

Corey had so many great stories and information to share about his adventures I decided to cut this interview into two parts. Part 1 aired previously.

See more of his work at coreyfishes.com